June 24, 2016

DUNK360 Presents TheCrossover with VH1’s Black Ink Crew’s Puma

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New episode featuring Puma from Black Ink Crew.

The Crossover is a new interview series on DUNK360, hosted by Maria Myraine. In basketball, the term “crossover” refers to a maneuver in which the player switches the ball rapidly from one hand to the other – to make a change in direction. On DUNK360, The Crossover explores both sides of a (hypothetical) ball. Examining sports and music, Maria Myraine sits down with music artists to discuss their music as well as their commentary on sports. And on the flipside, she will also sit down with athletes to get their expertise on sports, and their opinions on music.

On the latest episode, Maria Myraine sat down with Puma of VH1’s Black Ink Crew – and owner of Art2Ink. The reality TV star/entrepreneur shares details on the newest season of the popular reality show, playing basketball, the New York Knicks, New York Hip Hop and more.

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