February 25, 2017

Swift Jarrett Hurd Puts The Boxing World on Notice With Win Over Tony Harrison

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Swift Hurd Puts The World On Notice, He's Here.

Jarrett Hurd, Tony Harrison, Premier Championship Boxing, Junior Middleweight, Alabama, DUNK360

Jarrett Hurd was losing his fight against Tony Harrison. Hurd needed a knockout or a TKO for the victory and that’s exactly what he got. The Maryland native earned a stoppage victory over Harrison to become the new IBF junior middleweight champion of the world. This happened during Premier Championship Boxing on Fox.

The IBF junior middleweight championship was previously vacated by Jermall Charlo.

Hurd (20-0, 14 KO) and Harrison (24-2, 20 KO) gave boxing fans the kind of fight they’ve been salivating for a long time. Two skillful technicians figuring the other out on their way to victory.

Early on in the fight, it seemed that Harrison had solved the problem of Hurd pretty easily. Not only did Harrison resolve the beast that was Hurd rather easily, Harrison was having his way with the 26-year-old.

Through the early rounds of the fight, it seemed that Harrison could handle everything that Hurd was throwing at him. Also, Hurd became predictable after a while with his approach in attacking Harrison, which Harrison used to his advantage.

It seemed as if Harrison was going to earn an easy victory until the fifth round and Hurd’s grind-it-out approach started to take shape.

After the fifth round. It became a slugfest, with Harrison throwing and landing combinations and Hurd throwing and landing combinations.

During the ninth round, Hurd finally earned the knockout he’d been searching for the whole fight. With a clean right hand, Hurd knocked Harrison to the canvas. Harrison immediately got up but then proceeded to spit out his mouthpiece to earn extra time for recovery.

The ref did not like what he saw in Harrison and decided to call the fight.

Hurd earned his first world championship title. The 26-year-old still has much to learn in the ring. Hurd still has to utilize his speed, which he showed signs of. He also needs to not always head into his opponent with his hands up and sometimes he needs to switch his approach and stick to the gameplan.

The grind-it-out strategy worked on Harrison because he has a history of slowing down and getting tired towards the later rounds of fights in his career. But next time, Hurd may come across an opponent who actually has the stamina to go a full 12 rounds.

Jarrett Hurd, Tony Harrison, Premier Championship Boxing, Junior Middleweight, Alabama, DUNK360

Expect great things from Hurd in the future. Check the next page for Twitter reactions.

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