November 10, 2016

Is Sin Cara “Exiled” From WWE For Fighting Chris Jericho Backstage?

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Sin Cara and Chris Jericho got into a backstage brawl, repercussion coming for Cara.


News has developed in WWE about a backstage brawl during the company’s annual European tour between Sin Cara and Chris Jericho. Reportedly Sin Cara punched Jericho and then Y2J bite Sin Cara’s fingers, says a witnesses who also said the fight was won by Sin Cara. After the fight, WWE punished the former NXT Tag Team Champion who will have to take anger management classes, but now it is being reported that he will be “exiled” from WWE.

The plan was to send the former Lucha Dragon home from the overseas tour, but “was moved to the SmackDown roster in the last second. The fight apparently started because Sin Cara would not stop making annoying noises on a bus and was wouldn’t stopped when asked to. Jericho denies being knocked out but did not deny losing, Jericho has a long history of backstage fight.

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