March 17, 2017

Seahawks Reportedly Open to Trading Richard Sherman ‘for the right deal’

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Richard Sherman on the trade block?

The leader of the Seahawks famed “Legion of Boom” defense, Richard Sherman could be traded, according to former top personnel executive Mike Lombardi. On Thursday,  Lombardi was speaking on a podcast, “The Ringer NFL Show,” when he was asked about the Saints’ trade negotiations with the Patriots over a possible acquisition of cornerback Malcolm Butler.

“For the Saints, if they were to call the Seattle Seahawks up and say, ‘Look, we would be interested in obtaining Richard Sherman — would you be willing to do it?’ I truly believe, based on what I hear around the National Football League, that the Seahawks would, in fact, for the right deal, trade Richard Sherman,” Lombardi said.

It is interesting to heard that the Seahawks are saying that Sherman is available and that he heard it through the league grapevine. Lombardi suggested that a trade for Sherman is “an option” the Seahawks have let be known is available to other teams.

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