March 17, 2017

Rex Ryan Joining ESPN’s ‘Sunday Night Countdown’ Crew As An NFL Analyst

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Rex Ryan gonna be an NFL analyst on ESPN's '"Sunday Night Countdown."

Rex Ryan, the most talkative NFL coach in the league, signed a multi-year deal to join ESPN’s “Sunday Night Countdown” crew as an NFL analyst.

“I got an opportunity in front of me that a lot of guys don’t get,” Ryan told the Daily News in January in the run-up to his ESPN appearance on Super Bowl Sunday. “I’m going to see where it takes me. Maybe this a different career and I really enjoy it. I’m hoping that’s the way it is. Maybe I get into (it) and I don’t like it. Maybe they don’t like me. Maybe I go back to doing something I love, which is coaching. I’ll never say never. I’m a young guy still. … I’m healthy. But bitter? Nah. Not bitter, man. I’m really not.”

Ryan is getting a big time opportunity being able to express his opinions on NFL teams during the season. He is one of the best defensive mind coaches in the league, goes heavy on blitzes with the right players. As an analyst Ryan will bring knowledge and explantation for those that need to know why coaches made those moves. If he’s himself with the crew, it’s gonna be must watch television.

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