January 4, 2017

#Tripgate: Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning Defend South Beach Soiree

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Ol Beckham Jr. on the Miami trip: "I handle my business. I’m a grown man."

We know, we know. You’ve already heard and seen that the New York Giants‘ wide receivers were partying in Miami after they beat the Redskins on Sunday. All the talk since has been on whether or not it was acceptable for Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz and Roger Lewis (who are grown men!) to fly down to South Beach on their day off.

Video shows Odell partying with Justin Bieber, Trey Songz and there are some reports that Johnny Manziel was at club LIV too. The WRs have been getting a lot of flak for the trip despite the Giants as a whole team had the day off. Yeah. They probably should’ve relaxed a bit with an away playoff game against the hottest team in the NFL on Sunday. OBJ explained to the Daily News why they took the trip:

“We were going to (Florida) to get our minds right,” Beckham said, via the NY Daily News. “That’s what we we’re doing. I handle my business. I’m a grown man. I do what I am supposed to be doing. I’m in the building, when I’m supposed to be in the building. I don’t miss team meetings. None of that.”

Beckham admits it wasn’t the “perfect” way to spend their day off, but he cites his preparation as a reason for it being a non-issue.

“I’m not perfect, but everybody knows my passion for football, when I’m on the football field,” Beckham continued. “I’m here for the NY Giants, especially over the next four weeks. Now, we are about to make a run, about to make a push; it’s go time. Everybody is focusing on what they need to be focusing on.”

Cruz, the veteran of the group, sees the trip having no impact on football.

“There’s nothing really to talk about, Mike,” Cruz said. “To be honest those things are personal, from my personal life that don’t need to be discussed. It doesn’t have anything to do about football. It doesn’t really matter.

He continued by saying everyone as in the building on Tuesday and that it wasn’t even addressed.

“Trust me, if somebody was late or not on time you would have heard it before I did this interview,” Cruz said. “Everybody was on time, ready to rock and roll.”

If the Giants lose to the Packers on Sunday, all the talk will be on the trip and probably this picture.

Two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning made joke about the picture above when addressing the trip, saying that they didn’t pack too well for South Beach.

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