January 4, 2017

No Joke. Kevin Hart Runs, Y’all! Watch His Hilarious New Apple Watch Nike+ Spot

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Kevin Hart stars in hilarious new spots for the Apple Watch Nike+.

The famous comedian stars in a slew of Nike ad campaigns by Wieden + Kennedy Portland which feature and document Kevin Hart‘s use of the new Apple Watch Nike+. The watch tracks your runs, workouts and can change your life — one day (or run) at a time.

In first commercial, a semi-clean cut Hart shows off his first Apple Watch purchase while in a vehicle, but Kevin didn’t know that the Apple Watch Nike+ asks you “Are we running today?” with the start of everyday. He’s not just a comedian, Hart is an avid runner and keeps his body in tip-top shape — so when the watch asks him to to run…he answers.

As you can see by his location and his full beard.

Since he is isolated in the desert, the watch becomes his only companion.

The ads become more comedy as the days reach 100, Hart becomes delusional and starts screaming “fist bump,” talking and eating rocks — but he still has his Apple Watch Nike+.

Watch all the ads here.

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