December 13, 2016

New MLB Hazing Rule Bans Rookies & Players To Dress As Women

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New MLB hazing rule bans players dressing as women.

That baseball hazing ritual of dressing rookies as women is over, sorry vets.

Major League Baseball created an Anti-Hazing and Anti-Bullying Policy bans teams from making rookies dress up at Wonder Woman, a Hooters girl or even cheerleaders. This comes as part of MLB’s new labor deal, and is set to be ratified by both sides on Tuesday.

The policy prohibits teams from “requiring, coercing or encouraging” players to engage in activities that include “dressing up as women or wearing costumes that may be offensive to individuals based on their race, sex, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identify or other characteristic.”

MLB vice president Paul Mifsud said Monday that the new rules resulted partly “in light of social media, which in our view sort of unfortunately publicized a lot of the dressing up of the players … those kind of things which in our view were insensitive and potentially offensive to a number of groups.”

Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling wasn’t happy with the new rule like many other MLB players, he tweeted a photo of himself and teammates dressed as women and said he was “honored to be one of the last players ever to be dressed up as a woman.”

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