January 5, 2017

Mark Hunt Felt That He Had To Take The Overeem Fight Or His Family Would Starve

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What's A Man Supposed To Do When His Children Have To Eat?

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UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt will be fighting Alistair Overeem at UFC 209. Hunt is fighting Overeem not because he wants to, but because if he did not, “his family would starve,” according to him.

Hunt originally was trying to hold out on a new contract with the UFC with provisions about if his opponent were caught doping, but accepted the fight without waiting too much longer because he needed the money.

Hunt spoke with Stuff and said he needed to take a fight, it was a matter of survival for his family.

“Think it from my position, I had no other option,” Hunt said. “I can’t work anywhere else so what am I supposed to do — let my family starve?” Hunt is still rightfully upset that his UFC 200 opponent, Brock Lesnar, failed two drug tests in relation to their fight last year.

Lesnar being able to even compete in the UFC again on such a short notice was a marvel. Lesnar was a special case; the Beast Incarnate waived the rule requiring an athlete to undergo a USADA drug-testing program in order for him to be allowed to fight at 200. Lesnar also failed a drug test prior to UFC 200 but the results did not get back until a few weeks after the fight had happened.

The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) suspended Lesnar for one year. They also fined the former WWE champion $250,000 and overturned the bout result from a unanimous victory to a no contest. Hunt does not believe that the punishment against Lesnar was severe enough, he also may be seeking a lawsuit against the UFC regarding the situation.

“I didn’t even think the [Nevada commission] penalty was harsh enough,” Hunt told “Stuff.” “He got a $250,000 fine but he made about $2 million bucks so how did it actually affect him?

“They (dopers) should be struck from the records and taken everything off them. They don’t deserve to get a cent. This sport is already harsh enough as it is. When you add in steroid use it makes it even worse.”

Lesnar did not fail the drug tests due to steroids, he failed the tests due to testing positive for clomiphene, an anti-estrogen agent.

Hunt feels that he stuck between a rock and a hard place. UFC will not release Hunt from his contract, but he still has to make money for a living. He will be fighting Overeem, who once tested positive for elevated testosterone levels in the past.

“In six months I’ve already missed out on a couple of fights, I’ve already missed out on a couple million dollars,” Hunt said. … ”At the end of the day, I’ve stuck to my word. I’ve got no option, I’m in a contract that I can’t get out of.

“All the doors I’ve gone through are closed and it’s not like I can go and work somewhere else. Ages ago I was gladly ready to walk away and work somewhere else but they wouldn’t allow it.”

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