November 10, 2016

Luke Walton Can Still Ball, Lakers Head Coach Gives Their Bigs A Work For Their Money

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Don't Let The Suit Fool You, Luke Walton Still Has Game.

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What a difference a new coach and a few months make. Luke Walton has started to completely transform the Los Angeles Lakers from destined for another lottery pick, to having a solid chance in the wild wild Western Conference division. Not only has Walton help catapult the “Baby Lakers,” to a quite pleasant 4-4 start, he has the team firing on all cylinders.

Walton was the assistant head coach of the Golden State Warriors last season and he even had a better record with the team than when their coach Steve Kerr returned. Now, he has full control of a squad and is making sure he implements the right values in Tinseltown going forward.

Not only does Walton have his players loving basketball again, but some of the Lakers players say that their loyalty to Walton has no bounds.

Walton is a coach that leads by example, so it makes sense that a few times he would get back on the court and prove to his young stars that he, a 36-year-old man still can hang down in the block. Walton showcased some of his terrific defensive ability against some of the Lakers’ bigs during practice, making them work for their shots.

Whatever the case may be, Walton has brought a new day with him in Los Angeles. And if things are looking as they are now, the Lakers will be back in championship form in no time.

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