March 2, 2017

Watch LeBron James Almost Run Over Bill Belichick at Cavs-Celts Game

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LeBron James came very close to taking out Bill Belichick at TD Garden.

New England Patriots coachBill Belichick was sitting courtside at TD Garden on Wednesday night during the Boston Celtics’ 103-99 win over to Cleveland Cavaliers when he was nearly ran over by 250-lb LeBron James in the fourth quarter.

James lost his footing while going for a putback after a Derrick Williams miss and plowed into a camerman. James’ momentum led him right at the Super Bowl LI winning coach, but James caught himself.

“That’s why I slowed up,” said James. “I definitely slowed up because I knew it was him. I’m not taking no legend out. I’m not doing that. I need to keep seeing him win. That’s pretty cool for me.”

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and running back running back LeGarrette Blount were also at Wednesday’s game, but only Belichick made the jumbotron.

Belichick and girlfriend Linda Holliday were seen going into the Cavaliers’ locker room after the game, and we guess he had some wise words for James.

Belichick’s head-coaching career actually started with the Cleveland Browns back in 1991. Celtics All-Star point guard and MVP candidate Isaiah Thomas met Belichick for the first time last night saying, “I just wanted to shake his hand,” said Thomas, who said it was the first time he had met Belichick. “And show my respect.”

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