July 12, 2016

Lamar Odom Kicked Off Flight for Being Drunk & Vomiting

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Another sad story in the Lamar Odom tragedy.

Lamar Odom was taken off a Delta flight Monday night for vomiting on the plane, TMZ has learned. He was seen drinking at the Delta Lounge in Los Angeles before the flight and according to reports, Odom was wasted. TMZ got a picture of Odom at the bar in LAX before boarding a red-eye for NYC:


According to eyewitnesses, Odom was pounding both beer and whisky. TMZ reported:

“Two passengers in first class tell TMZ, Lamar went to 4B and sat down, but as the plane was about to pull back he bolted for the front, threw up in the galley and then walked in the bathroom and with the door open threw up again. When he came out of the bathroom, we’re told he had vomit on his clothes.”


0712-sub-lamar-odom-clean-up-tmz-7The former baller was “gently” escorted off the plane, and a cleaning crew came on board to clean up his mess. Ten minutes later, Lamar reappeared on the flight, still with vomit still on him and still visibly drunk. People on the plane said he was using the heads of people in their seats to keep his balance down the aisle to the bathroom.


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