January 11, 2017

Knicks Suffer Another Heartbreaking Loss In Philadelphia

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What's happening with the New York Knicks?

New York Knicks fans, it doesn’t hurt anymore right now that what the team is going through losing to the Philadelphia 76ers 98-97 off T.J. McConnell’s buzzer beater shot. The Knicks thought they had this game under control up 10 with 2:32 to go. The 76ers started to make shots, putting fear on the Knicks players as they started to remember those key moments of not holding on to a lead.

Well, it happened again when Kristaps Porzingis missed a wide open three pointer from the corner, which resulted in a loss when McConnell made the shot. What next for this Knicks team moving forward? Do they have to break it up now with a losing record? Will Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose be traded? These are the questions they need to address as the month of January gets more and more difficult.

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