March 3, 2017

Kim Mulkey Tearfully Apologizes for Comments on Baylor Assault Scandal

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Baylor's Kim Mulkey issues tearful apology for "choice of words."

Baylor women’s head coach Kim Mulkey issued a tearful apology Thursday for her comments last week regarding critics of the school’s handling of a highly-publicized (and controversial) sexual assault scandal. The scandal stems from the Baylor University’s football program, which resulted in the firing of then coach Art Briles.

After her 500th win on Saturday, she told the Waco, TX crowd to “knock them in the face,” in response to people who refuse to send their daughters to the school, her words fueled a firestorm in the media. Yesterday, Mulkey was brought to tears while apologizing — even though Briles should be the one apologizing and better yet, explaining.

“I’m sorry for the choice of words,” Mulkey said Thursday as she fought back tears. “The timing wasn’t good. Poor analogy maybe, as well. For those of you who know me, I’m an emotional person. I coach with emotion. I played with emotion, and it was an emotional moment. I guess you’d say it got the best of me because I really do love this place.

“Awful things happened here. We failed victims here, but I’m encouraged every day because I see what’s taken place to fix it. And, I just think we’ve responded the way we can aggressively, financially. We’ve admitted our mistakes. My heart goes out to victims. How can I not? I’m a woman. I have a daughter. I’m responsible for how many in that locker room. In fact, I’m angry that we’ve failed those women. But I’m also encouraged because I see that we’re trying to do better.”

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