March 17, 2017

John Wall Believes The NBA Has Gotten Soft With Healthy Players Resting

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Is Wall right on the league being soft?

Old and new school NBA fans feel the league has gotten soft. There are some referees that make stupid calls from one single touch to literally no physical play from defenders. But the fans aren’t the only ones thinking about that. Washington Wizards’ All-Star point guard John Wall believes that as well.

“That’s the difference about our league now. It’s kind of gotten a little softer,” Wall told J. Michael of “Guys sit out and rest. I understand the coach made a decision, you can’t go against what the coach said or the doctor said.”

Wall had past injuries with his knee and other body parts, but he makes a good point on the league being soft. It’s a shame to see fans pay a lot of money to watch a game and not see the star due to rest. The 26-year-0ld is having a great season averaging 23,2 points, 10.2 assists and 4.3 rebounds. Wall is trying to be as healthy as possible for the playoffs. He won’t let nagging injuries stop him from playing, unless the doctors say something.

“I’m not the type of guy who wants to sit down and rest,” the All-Star said according to theScore. “I think you owe it to the fans. They paid money to come see us play. That’s how a professional goes out there and competes. If nothing is hurt, you can play go play.”

Other retired and active players, including the commissioner Adam Silver, spoken out on the resting players movement. Let see if changes are happening during the offseason such as possible fines or taking away picks from any team.

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