August 12, 2013

Hit or Miss: Russell Westbrook at the Teen Choice Awards

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It was a sad post season for NBA style watchers when Russell Westbro went down...

It was a sad post season for NBA style watchers when Russell Westbrook went down with an injury and elected to have surgery and the Thunder made an early exit. Gone were Westbrook’s colorful outfits and #whynot sense of style. But fear not – the man with the ostentatious printed shirts is back! Last night in Los Angeles, Westbrook presented at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards dressed like…Westbrook. The 24 year old point guard wore a sleeveless, white button up tunic with a paint splatter print and a Mondrian collar. He paired it with cream colored, drop crotch jodhpurs, pale blue textured high top sneakers and amber lenseless frames. Westbrook’s shirt and pants were custom made by ALBA Legacy from Los Angeles.

Once again, Westbrook looks more like a fashion victim than a style aficionado pairing too many trends at the same damn time. Had he picked just one crazy item, like the shirt and kept it simple and sleek with his other pieces – the outfit may have worked. But what do you think – is Westbrook’s outfit a hit or a miss? Let us know in the comments.

Image credits: Sole Collector, Instagram

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