November 11, 2015

Geno Smith Says He Did Not Owe Enemkpali Money – “Biggest Misconception In America” [Photo]

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Geno owes no many anything.

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New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith was not surprised at all when former Jets head coach and the NFL’s biggest troll, Rex Ryan, named IK Enemkpali captain of the Buffalo Bills‘ upcoming game on Thursday night football against the Jets.

“I don’t know why you guys are surprised. I really don’t,” Smith said to Newsday after practice. “I don’t think you are surprised. No one should be surprised.” He also added

“I mean, how can I feel some type of way about somebody else’s decision?” he said, referencing Enemkpali’s being front and center for Thursday night’s coin toss. “You’ve got to know this business. He’s the Bills’ head coach. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t hate him, I don’t hate IK. It’s whatever to me, honestly. It’s like ‘OK? Big deal.’

“I don’t care who’s a captain or coaching what. If there was some type of shot that was supposed to be [aimed at me], I didn’t get that message.”

It’s great that Smith isn’t letting Ryan’s mind games get to him, Smith is more upset over the fact that he lost his starting position and was inactive due to the jaw injury he suffered from a punch delivered from Enemkpali on August 7.

“I’m extremely [ticked] . . . But I have to keep my temper down . . . If I was playing bad and got benched, that’s on me. But for something like that to happen, it’s like . . . What can you do? You’ve just got to weather the storm and move on from there.”

“I can’t play. That’s why I’m upset,” said Smith. His only appearance this season was in week eight against the Oakland Raiders, he was Ryan Ritzpatrick’s replacement when he went down with a thumb injury.”

The disagreement between Smith and Enemkpali was over a $600 plane ticket Enemkpali bought Smith to fly to Texas to support Enemkpali’s football camp. Smith missed the flight due to personnel reasons, but he made a shocking revelation, that he did not owe Enemkpali any money whatsoever.

“I didn’t owe him,” “No. That’s the biggest misconception in America.”

This game is going to be a good one.



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