January 5, 2017

What?!! Chris Berman Out as Face of ESPN’s NFL Coverage After Year’s End

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So long, Swami. So long.

Longtime face of NFL Countdown, Chris Berman will be leaving the show that he’s hosted for 31 years at ESPN. Berman will continue to contribute to the station but will relieve his duties of hosting NFL Shows, the NFL Draft and the Home Run Derby.

The 61-year-old Berman who started at ESPN just a month after the network began in 1979 will make occasional appearances on-air and will also serve as a spokesman for the network at some events. He will continue to host ESPN’s “NFL PrimeTime” highlights show from the field after the Super Bowl this year, as well as after the conference championship games, before stepping aside from his usual duties after.

There will be no more “Back! Back! Back!” during the derby or “Rumblin’, Bumblin’, Stumblin” during NFL Countdown after this year. Berman was famous for his many catchphrases and nicknames, along with his former partner Tom Jackson changed the way the NFL was covered.

Berman was a six-time national sportscaster of the year and has signed a new multi-year contract extension that will keep him in Bristol in an “emeritus”-type role.

Said ESPN in a statement:

“Berman will make appearances on-air and will also serve in public-facing roles on behalf of the company, stepping away from his longtime position as the face of ESPN’s NFL studio coverage, NFL Draft and Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby.  Berman will continue to host ESPN’s NFL PrimeTime highlights show from the field after the Super Bowl as well as the NFL Conference Championship games. He will also offer opinion and perspective on historical events in the NFL, including still appearing weekly on Monday Night Countdown. In addition, he will handle play-by-play for ESPN Radio during the MLB Divisional Playoffs and participate in ESPN’s annual ESPYS Awards.”

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