January 4, 2017

Chip Kelly Returning To College?

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Chip Kelly hasn't ruled out returning to the college ranks.

After two stints with two different NFL franchises, the Philadelphia Eagles and most recently the San Francisco 49ers, former coach Chip Kelly hopes to drop to the ranks of offensive coordinator or even a return to college football. Kelly was just fired by the 49ers after going 2-14, but told FOX’s Bruce Feldman that he isn’t ruling out a return to the collegiate ranks.

“I evaluate all jobs individually,” Kelly told Feldman. “I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

This comes after Kelly previously had ruled out coaching in college again, but this is while he still had a job in the league.

“I’ve never said I’m only looking at one thing,” Kelly said. “I will never leave my team when there are games left in the season, so I never looked at college because all those jobs are filled while NFL season is still going on.

“I only talked to NFL teams after our bowl game was over when I was at Oregon. It’s pretty simple for me: You can never leave your players during the season. How can you ask players to be all in and then leave when you get a better deal?”

Kelly had a 46-7 record with the Oregon Ducks and led them to wins in the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. During his four seasons at Oregon, he led the team to three Pac-12 Conference championships and four BCS game appearances.

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