January 10, 2017

NBA Dress Codes Help Inspire Bristol Los Angeles’ New “Collection 002”

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Created with style pointers borrowed from Kobe, Iverson, and McGrady.

The NBA has always been a source for fashion inspiration, from post-conference attire and court side steez to even the ads that appear on jerseys. It was only a matter of time until that influence trickled down into the actual world of fashion, and Cali-based lifestyle brand
Bristol Los Angeles is definitely looking to the ballers for a bit of inspiration.

Building off their premium quality legacy that began in 2014, Bristol created “Collection 002” using the finest Japanese fabrics and wool from Italy. The key figures said to have inspired this set of apparel include Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, and not surprisingly Allen Iverson. As the three aforementioned guys did in their golden eras of the game, this collection ultimately aims to push the boundaries by challenging the norm, creating a sort of new “dress code” for the burgeoning generation.

The new Bristol Los Angeles “Collection 002” will drop throughout the year in three parts: Spring/Summer 2017, Fall/Winter 2017 and a Holiday drop. Check out pieces from the set below, which include flight jackets, sherpa coats, and even corduroy pieces:

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