March 16, 2017

Adrian Gonzalez Hates the World Baseball Classic

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Adrian Gonzalez criticizes WBC organizers over Mexico exit.

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez isn’t a fan of how the World Baseball Classic is organized, even thought it’s been a thrilling product to watch this year.

“They’re trying to become the World Cup, but they’re not even close to being the Little League World Series.”

Gonzalez’s Mexican team beat Venezuela 11-9 Sunday which left both teams tied with Italy for second in Group. The WBC tweeted out that Monday’s tiebreaker game would be between Mexico and Italy. But the WBC technical committee determined the tiebreaker — runs allowed per defensive inning would have Italy (1.05) and Venezuela (1.11) advancing.

The Mexican Baseball Federation objected that the ninth inning of last Thursday’s game between Mexico and Italy should count as a partial inning, even though Italy scored five runs without Mexico getting any outs.

Gonzalez said he is done playing in the baseball classic.

“So during the game when they posted it on the broadcast, they came into the dugout and I said, ‘Hey, we just need to win by two,'” Gonzalez said. “When we had first and second, no outs in the eighth or ninth, whatever it was, we didn’t bunt because we felt we’re already up two. … We win the game, and they change it on us.”



“Going into the ninth inning, our strategy we had talked about, was if we gave up a run, we would intentionally walk somebody and balk him in to tie the game, and try to win the game by two in extras,” Gonzalez said. “But because we were told you had to win by two, we went for the win.”

“So the whole game strategy changes by what we were told,” Gonzalez added. “Unbelievable. And all they said afterwards was `Well, that’s what we decided.”

What’s a partial defensive inning?

“The whole time they’re just putting their heads, like an ostrich sticking his head in a hole and trying to let it all diffuse and go away,” Gonzalez said. “I told it to their face. ‘You guys are unaccountable. You don’t account for your own actions. You guys have no integrity.’

“They don’t want to put out the face of ‘we made a mistake,'” Gonzalez said. “They’re just going to stick to what they said, so it sounds like they didn’t make a mistake. They’re blaming it on the media outlets, not themselves. So that’s a cowardly way out.”

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